“I will tell of your goodness; all day long I will speak of your salvation, though it is more than I can understand.”- Psalm 71:15

“Professional, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy.”


“There aren’t enough amazing words to put together to describe my times in prayer with Teresa. Not only is she well equipped, completely gifted, and anointed by Holy Spirit. She is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Teresa and her humble heart to serve the Lord and you in ministry. She has helped me for well over 10 years in prayer ministry and I can not express enough gratitude for her work with me through the Lord. I have grown, matured and healed well beyond what I would or could have imagined on my own. Thank you Teresa for being a pillar!”

– Toni

“She helped me in areas of my life that were in desperate need of healing in order to fulfill the calling on my life.”


Teresa is incredible, kind, and compassionate. When I went to Teresa, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she helped me in areas of my life that were in desperate need of healing in order to fulfill the calling on my life.

Without Teresa's guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to grasp what God was speaking to me so quickly.

I would recommend Teresa to anyone seeking transformative help. Thank you, Teresa!

- Nancy

“She will help you develop the tools you need to keep moving forward.”


“Teresa has catapulted my relationship with the Lord. I have been working with her for 3 months and what we have talked about and the heart walls we have cleared has been instrumental in my journey. It has given me the tools and the skills to learn how to process big life events keeping Jesus at the center of it all. It has enabled me to see people the way Jesus sees them, hear his perspective, and release emotions that wreck havoc on my body. If you are wanting to grow in your relationship with the Lord and hear from Him more clearly and be obedient, meet with Teresa. She is amazing and her knowledge and what the Lord has taught her surpasses anything I have ever done! She will help you develop the tools you need to keep moving forward no matter what circumstance is thrown at you!”

- Lettie



“I was still reeling from an intense season of life, and needed a fresh perspective on what God was doing in my heart.”


“When I began our appointments, I was still reeling from an intense season of life and needed a fresh perspective on what God was doing in my heart. Something I have gained from our time together is the ability to zoom out of the rush of emotion and thoughts I can experience, and run to the Father instead of my own logic.

I had been heavily relying on my own knowledge and understanding of how I was supposed to feel, rather than gaining clarity from the Holy Spirit on why I was feeling the way that I was. I experienced God’s grace in a new way and I began to have my heart opened to the reality that emotions are not always a sign that something is deeply wrong, but a sign that your brain is coming alive; healthily releasing trauma and/or every day experiences with and to the Lord.

I used to see emotion as a weakness; a sign that I needed to strive for more understanding as a means of shutting down that process. Through receiving wisdom and insight from Teresa, praying through things with her, and hearing her humble perspective I have received the resources to use those emotions as a tool to understand what is going on.

I have begun to utilize them by asking God how He wants to provide clarity through them, no longer begging Him to take them away.

Teresa guided me in deeper clarity, intimacy, and longing for the Holy Spirit. She has given me eternal tools that rewire, reshape, and renew my spirit through reliance on the Holy Spirit.

- Payton

“It was deep under-the-surface pain that I had buried so long ago…”


I am beyond thankful to Teresa for all that she has helped me uncover and overcome emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

I had a lot of underlying concerns, and pain tied to abandonment issues, and the loss of my parents. It was deep under-the-surface pain that I had buried so long ago that I was unaware of until I started seeing Teresa.

With Gods leading she helped me walk through, and address many issues at its root. I will forever be full of gratitude for her, and the help she has given me to live a different life full of freedom!


“My husband and I have both benefited from our time with her.”

- Sheyanne

Teresa’s ministry of inner healing has had a deep and lasting impact on my emotional, mental, and spiritual health. From Father wounds to generational curses, the Holy Spirit has used Teresa to help me identify areas of my heart that needed healing, things I needed to repent of, and lies God wanted to exchange with truth.

Teresa is compassionate, trustworthy, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as she guides her clients toward truth and wholeness.

My husband and I have both benefited from our time with her, and regularly recommend friends and family to her ministry.

- Sheyanne

Mind | Heart | Life



“Let God open doors through inner healing.”


Do you feel like a prisoner of your own circumstances? Do you find yourself believing lies that you have told yourself for years? Do you find that you are using coping mechanisms to get through life rather than moving beyond your situation? Do you wish for peace even amidst a problem that may not get resolved?

When life is overwhelming, it is easy to live in the midst of the problem; rather than look at the problem head-on with a strategy to attack and move beyond it.

Teresa has been gifted by God with an ability to help those who are weary of the battles in life find restoration and renewal, by creating new ways of thinking.

If you are struggling with hopelessness, and feel like you will never get beyond your current circumstance, I encourage you to let God open doors through inner healing.

You will not be disappointed when you surrender what you have been doing to cope, and accept what Jesus has to offer in its place.

– Leanne

“No one knew the deep pain that I carried because I was such a ‘good’ actress”

- Traci

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? I can’t even properly describe the healing that took place while I met with Teresa for my inner healing appointments.

I thought I was living life in fullness even though pain still was there. I learned to cope with how I felt daily, and no one knew the deep pain that I carried because I was such a “good” actress. A friend had suggested that I go visit with Teresa. At first, I thought no, I’m fine (Fed-up, Insecure, Non-Emotional). I also knew nothing of this inner healing stuff and thought it was new age. That could not have been further from the truth.

So, after prayer and seeking God on this step into my scary unknown, yet totally pain filled normal way of life, I scheduled my first appointment.

Teresa prayed with me, she also prayed before the appointment privately for our appointment. She explained what inner healing was and how we would proceed with our appointment. She also took time to get to know me. We then entered into prayer and waited on God to reveal things. Sounds weird, but YES God speaks as you listen and tune in to Him.

Teresa walked beside and behind me as I faced my pain. She allowed God to dictate the appointment. She asked questions and gently gave prompts to comfort me as we entered into His presence. God revealed things that I had stuffed deep down, things that I had blocked out as well as things that I never knew were present in my being.

Unforgiveness was revealed.

Lies from the enemy that I had carried for years were exposed. And as chains were broken, healing took place.

Teresa is not my counselor, she became a trusted friend and the vessel that God chose to bring healing, joy and a freedom to my life that I never knew possible until I began my inner healing appointments.

She is professional, caring, encouraging, knowledgeable, and approaches every appointment with an obedient, servants’ heart with the calling that God has put on her life.

If you are considering taking this journey in to healing and other revelation, I encourage you to set your fear of the unknown, your fear of being vulnerable and judged aside and step courageously into this journey with Teresa.

You do the work; God brings the healing. I pray God’s richest blessings over you on your personal journey to inner healing and freedom.

- Traci

“She is so inviting and non-judgmental which gave me the freedom to share without fear.”


Prior to meeting with Teresa I was dealing with some anxieties from my childhood. I had previously been to counseling but could never really get to the root of why these things were still bothering me. I decided to meet with Teresa and just see if that would help.

She came to my home for the meeting which was amazing because I personally always feel most comfortable at home. She is so inviting and non-judgmental which gave me the freedom to share without fear. God has given her such a gift to listening well and be able to hear from the Holy Spirit in order to help people get to the bottom of the issue.

Together with the help from the Holy Spirit we were able to get to the root of the anxieties and pray over them. After she left that first time i felt like i could have sprinted 2 miles, i felt so light and that spirit of heaviness that had been weighing on me for so long was gone.

If your considering a meeting with Teresa i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. Don’t put it off, you will be so happy you took the step to get help.

- Tennyson

“The peace God gave me after our session was supernatural.”

- Sarah

A friend led me to Teresa during one of the darkest times of my life. She was so compassionate with my pain and allowed the Holy Spirit entrance into my pain in which I may have been blinded to.

The peace God gave me after our session was supernatural and a miracle after months of extreme anxiety. Since then Teresa has had multiple prayer sessions with me, my husband, and my daughter in which we all have found newfound freedom living under the healing powers of our tender Savior.

- Sarah

“[She] equipped me with the tools necessary to walk in freedom and victory.” - Jocy

In the summer of 2015, I walked through my first prayer appointment with Teresa Shaver over the phone. I had just moved home from college and past hurts and trauma that I had never dealt with (honestly, didn't even realize was there) started to rise to the surface. That appointment began a 6 year (and counting) journey of healing from the inside-out.

My experience with Teresa has been professional, safe, and nothing less than life-changing! Through working with Teresa, she has helped awaken my identity in Christ by exposing the lies of the enemy, and has equipped me with the tools necessary to walk in freedom and victory.

Through these sessions, I have learned God's voice and grown closer in my relationship with God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.

“She pulls up an extra chair for Jesus.”

- Sadie

The way Teresa does things is a little different than what other Christian counselors do – she pulls up an extra chair for Jesus to be brought into our conversation.

I just want to say that going into this, I was doubtful about if this would even work and even after the first session where God showed me the memories from my past that felt so irrelevant, but behind every random memory, there was hurt. Things and people that were still hurting me and weighing me down to this very day. Things I had to choose to let go of. People that I just had to forgive.

After that first session, I had already felt a lot better, but I felt like it was something I’d have to do 6-8 more times to cover everything in my life.

By the time my next session came, I was so ready. I just wanted the happy Sadie back, so I was going to do anything I could to find her again! There was something a lot different about this session than the first. Even thought my eyes were closed, I was able to see Jesus sitting in the room with us. It was like I finally allowed him into the room with us. It was like I finally allowed him into the room, to take a seat and join our conversation. About 20 minutes went by, and I was so much more relaxed. Like weight had LITERALY been taken off my shoulders… LITERALLY!

Teresa asked Jesus to show me more. If there’s more hurt or unforgiveness, show me. In that moment I saw an image of me just completely cleansed. The works in my heart were, “It is finished! I am clean”.

Remember after the first session when I said I was going to have so much to cover in another 6-8 sessions? Ha. God really said, “Nope! I took care of you”.

I believe Jesus completely washed me clean! I haven’t felt any sense of guilt, worry, hurt, or insecurity. I truly believe the Lord performed a miracle in my life! I have been talking to Jesus more as a friend all day, and it has helped so much!

- Sadie

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